Zagreb: A cool little city

We have explored a good part of Croatia, taking in all of the coast so we thought it about time to inland to check out Zagreb.  Not sure what to expect we were completely taken with it.  It is a great little city with plenty to do.  We only spent a day there but could easily have spent longer.  We were also foiled by the weather a bit as it rained pretty solidly the whole time.

Zagreb is divided into an upper town (the old town) and the lower town.  Both are different and worth looking through.  We took a private tour in an Imitation Model T Ford.  The driver served as a guide as well and it was a very enjoyable 90 minutes through both the Upper and Lower Towns.  Lots of people stopped to stare and take photos of us!


The tour took in a number of key sites including St Marks Church, a number of museums, the stone gate and various other buildings of importance.

If you look on Trip Advisor, one of the top things to do in Zagreb is to go to the Museum of Broken Relationships.  As it was pouring with rain we thought it might be worth a look as it is something different.  Everyone else had the same idea so there was a waiting list to get in! We decided to wait and spent about 45 minutes looking at the various exhibits that people have donated.  Unusual content for a museum but interesting nevertheless!


Despite the rain, we also had a look at the Dolac Market in the centre of town. The market sellers (who are mostly selling fresh produce, cheeses and meats) persevered through the torrential rain and locals were out in small numbers buying their food.  There are also a small number of souvenir stalls selling local items.  If you were looking for picnic items this would be the place to come.


Zagreb is easy to get around on foot, but Uber is there if you need it!









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