Petzen and surrounding areas

As my travel companion is a mountain biking fiend, we travelled from Ljubljana to the Petzen area in Austria which only took a couple of hours.  We were there to try out the longest flow trail in Europe which was apparently out of this world!  While we have great trails in New Zealand, we certainly do not have anything of this length.  The recommendation is if you are close to the area and you are a keen mountain biker it is definitely worth the trip.  You can hire bikes and body armour on site.

We decided to stay a couple of nights in the area and found a hotel close to the lake at Klopeiner See.  It is a cute little area designed for families and retirees so if this isn’t you, it might be worth staying somewhere else.  As it was, it probably wasn’t our speed but it was really hot so lounging on the hotels private beach (dock) in one of the deck chairs under an umbrella is not too much of a hardship.  The lake itself is deep and clean and you can buy a myriad of inflatables in the township.  It is easy to wile away a day but make sure that you have food or snacks as a number of the restaurants and eateries in town are closed until 5.30pm.

This area was an interesting interlude for us, driven by a want to trial the flow trail and be able to swim so a win win really.

Salzburg – the outskirts

As previously mentioned there are lots of things to keep you busy in Salzburg for a few days.  We certainly didn’t do them all, including some things that most people do (ie The sound of music tour) but here are a couple of other things worth considering…

  1. Königssee Lake

This lake is actually in Barvaria, Germany but is still relatively close to visit as a day trip from Salzburg.  The lake is absolutely stunning and the electric boat ride out past the St Batholomew’s church is breathtaking.  You can stop at the church, where there is a restaurant next door and a local family selling fresh smoked trout from the lake.  There is a swimming “beach” at this stop and many families get off the boat here to go for hikes, have picnics and enjoy the area.

You can also continue the trip to the end of the lake, where you can do a short hike (20 minutes) to Lake Obersee which is very clear and the trees make beautiful reflections.  While we were there we stumbled across a couple playing instruments that looked and sounded like a cross between an oboe and a didgeridoo.  The acoustics were amazing.

The round trip is easily completed in half a day however if you want to take a picnic or go for a hike, it would make a really nice full day outing.

2.  Rupertus Therme (Bad Reichenhall)

Also close to Salzburg is this fantastic hot salt pool complex.  It has a number of different areas including a couple of larger pools on the main floor, some hotter spa pools on the upper floor, a training/lap pool , a children’s pool,  a water slide that you can go down on inner tubes and another short slide in the family area and the best of all some salt based light pools for relaxation.  One of these pools is 12% salt so you float really easily.  There is a slide show playing and coloured lighting.  This pool is not obvious and we found it by chance in the grotto!

A great way to wile away an afternoon.  There is a restaurant on site with prices that are cheaper than Salzburg Old Town prices.  While the entry is expensive, we went on a warm day and they were giving out 30% discount.