The relaxation route: Zagreb to Lake Bled

As we have been on the road for nearly 6 months now, we try to take our time to travel from one place to the next.  At the moment that looks like driving for no more than a couple of hours each time and stopping off over night somewhere interesting – usually places that we might not stop.

We took this approach from Zagreb to Bled and while we could have driven the whole distance in one day quite easily we decided to have a spa stop!  Slovenia is known as the Wellness Capital of the area and they have loads of Therme (or heated swimming pool and spa).  Often then have pretty decent massage and beauty therapy options as well.

We chose Terme Olimia which was voted number one wellness centre in Slovenia.  It is a large complex with multiple pools, sauna’s, massages and other services.  Terme Ohidilia is a subset of this complex (we found it a bit confusing) and is quite new.  There are a number of warm outdoor pools, with massage jets, a similar number of indoor versions of the same type of thing, a lazy river connected to a colour room pool with rain and jets.  There is also an extensive number and variety of sauna’s.  Be  prepared to get naked though – these are no swimsuit sauna’s and are mixed gender. The Europeans don’t bat an eye at this but it is good to know before you arrive at one!

A thermal spa is a great day or half day stop especially if it is raining, which it was while we were there.  The other side of Terme Olimia was under construction and is apparently a different complex.  I went and had a quick peek and it wasn’t anywhere near as nice and was filled with young families. I didn’t linger!

After spending the day at the spa, we headed off to our tourist farm stay which was a real find.  Just 10 minutes drive from the spa was Natura Amon.  The rooms are alp lodge style with their own balcony.


It is set up like a small country resort with  its own restaurant which makes  it’s own wine and most of the products it uses, a golf course, playground and animals to see.  We had the BEST food at the restaurant.  Every thing is home made from gorgeous jams (which I don’t usually like) to their own meats, dips and spreads.  Try the wild garlic spread!

For a day and a night this was a lovely little stop off on the way to the Lake Bled area.  I highly recommend it!